Wednesday, June 20

Backyard Paradise

We had a playdate with old friends at their lovely home in Milwaukie, Oregon. They live on a lush green plot of land near the Willamette River and they have created a magical backyard paradise. There is a lovely homemade gazebo, raised garden beds with tomatoes and peas, a rock garden, a berry patch with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, a very fun and funky tree house, and a zip line with a swing! What a place for a kid to grow up!! Their daughter was ever so adventurous as she greeted us barefooted. Scrapes, bug bites and bruises do not slow her down or intimidate her. I admired her mom for allowing her daughter to run and play freely. Those of you who know our family well would probably agree that our son is a bit of a "hot house flower". This is the last thing I want for him, yet this is the environment we have created.

It was thrilling to see him kick off his shoes and climb into the treehouse. He squealed with delight as he took rides on the zip swing.

I'm inspired to create more opportunities for our son to run free and be a kid, even if that means getting dirty or even getting (a bit) hurt. What is childhood without a few bee stings, scrapes and falls? I hope they invite us back soon ;-)

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