Sunday, June 17

Did I mention... It's FREE!!!

We spent the weekend in Eugene, OR. The highlight was the most amazing playground. "Oh... MY.... GOD....!!!!" It was a delightful Father's Day morning... Lots of glorious sunshine and warmth.
This place is so special... You must visit!!!

It made me want to move to Eugene just so we could spend more time here. This playground is nestled on the Willamette River at Skinner's Butte Park. It is the best designed and most unique play area I have ever seen. There is an adorable little play village with tiny open structures (City Hall, Jail, Hotel, etc. ), there are fun water features, a ferry ride, a super unique sand pit with smooth rocks for climbing and a river of water that runs through it, unique swings, slides, etc. This place is pretty amazing!!

Playground seeking has become a hobby of ours... On our recent trip to NY we visited over 10 playgrounds! (The Chelsea Waterpark wins for NYC). There is nothing even close to this in Portland.

Did I mention... It's FREE?!!


Kelly said...

sign me up for that!

Bloggin' maniac said...

Oh my God!!! Your blog rocks!!! Also, your husband sounds AMAZING. From, anonymous.