Tuesday, June 26

When The Plague Comes!

Our home was cursed with the plague the past weekend. I picked my son up from school on Thursday evening and learned that he has just thrown up and they were in the office calling me to pick him up. The poor guy was obviously very sick with a high fever (103) and then continued to throw up five more times throughout the night. My poor husband had to be up at 5 AM to catch a flight to Santa Clara for an important presentation. 10 loads of laundry later and the destruction of my favorite pillow (It fell apart in the laundry), our son gradually started to feel better. He insisted (begged) for an ice cream cone as soon as he woke up on Friday morning. I reluctantly gave in. Fortunately the throwing up stopped, but the fever lasted another day. My in-laws had rented our favorite beach house in Cannon Beach for the weekend and we decided that we would venture out on Saturday afternoon once our son's fever was gone. At this point I noticed that our cat had not eaten food for (at least) two days. He is a big cat and begs for food constantly... something was wrong. We found him outside... He was very lethargic and clearly sick. We managed to get a vet appointment on Saturday morning before leaving for the beach. Good thing we did... He had a high fever and was clearly very sick. Our vet admitted him for an IV and antibiotic drip. We managed to make it to the beach on Saturday and had a lovely time. We even had a great deal of sunshine although the weather forecast called for rain. On Monday morning I woke up feeling really sick. My son's bug had gotten to me. I had severe (SEVERE) muscle ache and fever. We came home from the beach and I spent the day in bed.

This morning I woke up with a 100.5 fever... darn, what is it going to take to shake this thing.The good news is our cat is home from the vet. His $238 vet bill is a small price to pay to get rid of the plaque and return to our normal routine!

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