Thursday, July 5

Summer Pleasures

Happy Summer!!! There is nothing better than summer in Oregon. We have been eating our weight in cherries, raspberries and blueberries. Tonight we went to the pool, followed by pizza at Pizzicato and then wrapped up the evening with gelato at Mio Gelato. I'm proud to report we only spent $5.50 for the entire evening. I'm really working it these days... We had free pool passes from Henry's summer reading prizes, we had a gift certificate to Pizzicato (from my grandmother for my birthday) and we had one free gelato from my full punch card (buy 10 get one free).


Kelly said...

$5.50, I'm impressed!

pdxkatie said...

What a great picture! It makes me want to hit the pool today. And great use of your coupons/punch cards. I have to remember to get card at Mio Gelato - we certainly are there enough. Way to go!