Monday, November 12

A November Weekend

It was a perfect November weekend. We worked out, went to the farmer's market, made a big pot of chili, baked lots of cookies (chocolate chip and snicker doodle), raked leaves, had a date-night, played with friends in the park and caught up with our neighbors.

Thanksgiving came early when our neighbors, Carol and Joe, surprised us with a gorgeous homemade pumpkin pie. Tyler mixed-up a few "old fashioned" cocktails - it was nice to have a chance to catch up. The weeks and months fly by way too fast!

We shared some of our yummy chili with Carol and Joe and found this sign in their kitchen window this evening!

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Jen - Earth Angels said...

so glad you are in blogland too
I will sing up for your feed and stay in the Welt loop
love the Thanksgiving card a merry start to the holidays love you adn chat soon xxoo JEn