Monday, January 7

The biopsy is done, but the journey is still long...

My husband and I went to OHSU today for my stereotactic biopsy. The radiologist believes that she was able to obtain a good tissue sample. She plans to contact me on Thursday with the pathology results.

Overall, the procedure was fine. It was a bit uncomfortable as I was not able to talk or move during the procedure - about 30 minutes. I have a tiny 1/4 inch incision. I feel fine - just a bit of emotional exhaustion.

The most difficult part was the pre-procedure consultation. We were informed that I would have to have surgery regardless of the biopsy results.
If the pathology is benign, I will still need to have an excision surgery to remove the entire radial scar.
If the pathology shows cancer, I will have to have surgery to remove the cancer.
We were also told that in my radiologist's experience with radial scars about 50% come back with some sort of irregularity (either cancer of pre-cancerous cells).
As you might imagine, this left us quite scared and uncertain.

I really appreciate your wonderful calls and notes. I even got a call from Japan yesterday ;-)
I hope to post happy news soon. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

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manya said...

Not sure what to say anymore. But know that I'm thinking about you.