Thursday, January 10

partial news, but good news (I think/hope)

I think/hope I will have good news to share tonight.
Tyler and I are going to see the radiologist at 3:30 to discuss the pathology results.
The technician was very serious in her tone so it was difficult to decipher.
She confirmed that my results were in.
She tried to get another radiologist to call me - as my radiologist was away for the morning.
She made it clear that she is not authorized to interpret the pathology report, but she would read the first few line.
This is what she read:
  • proliferative fibrocystic changes
  • ? ductal hyperplasia
  • duct ectasia
  • apocrine change
  • columnar cell change
  • negative atypia
  • negative malignancy
Okay... I am no expert, but I think this is good.
I will post more tonight.
Keep your fingers crossed and thank you so much for your thoughts and concern.

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