Monday, March 3

Evidence of SPRING!

Spring 2008, originally uploaded by thewelts.

I love living in the Pacific Northwest...
Without fail, every February we get an unmistakeable taste of SPRING.
The days suddenly seem longer....
The sun reappears after two months of rain
Buds begin to emerge on the trees,
Daphne bushes spread a fabulous fragrance through the air,
Crocus and daffodils emerge from the ground and quickly bloom.
I love spring!

I'm behind on my posts... this should have been posted last week!


Anonymous said...

and then it rains through june. i'd take less spring in feb and more sun in june!! sn

Sharon J said...

It sounds as if your seasons are pretty much the same as ours here in North-West England. Our daffs have been blooming for a while now and seeing them always makes me smile. It won't be long before everything bursts into life again :)