Saturday, March 29

Pizza Party

Henry is a great little chef. He made us this delicious pepperoni, mushroom and olive pizza before we heading off to see Bruce Springsteen. It was a fabulous evening. We were able to walk to the Rose Garden from our house. Our seats were FANTASTIC... First row of the 100 level... Bruce was probably 50 feet away with no obstructions! The show was really great. They had huge screens that displayed the detail and sincerity of his face. He was passionate, fun and energetic. Most of the music was from their new album MAGIC, so I wasn't as familiar with many of the songs. He certainly played a fair share of classics. Here is the set list:
March 28, 2008
Portland, Oregon
The Rose Garden

Night { lyrics }
Radio Nowhere { lyrics }
Lonesome Day { lyrics }
Gypsy Biker { lyrics }
Magic { lyrics }
Reason To Believe { lyrics }
Candy's Room { lyrics }
Prove It All Night { lyrics }
She's The One { lyrics }
Livin' In The Future { lyrics }
The Promised Land { lyrics }
For You { lyrics }
Lost In The Flood { lyrics }
Devil's Arcade { lyrics }
The Rising { lyrics }
Last To Die { lyrics }
Long Walk Home { lyrics }
Badlands { lyrics }

Girls In Their Summer Clothes { lyrics }
Jungleland { lyrics }
Born To Run { lyrics }
Dancing In The Dark { lyrics }
American Land { lyrics }


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

what's this? some sort of advertisement? hmmm, interesting new tactic! sn