Friday, April 4

A (very lucky) SUNBREAK!

Tulip Festival 2008, originally uploaded by thewelts.

What fortuitous timing...
After yesterday's glorious sunny and 60+ degree weather, we thought a trip to the Tulip Festival was a brilliant idea. Not so...
We woke up to clouds, quickly followed by sprinkles, followed by rain, following by an all-out downpour as we made our way down the I-5 corridor to Woodburn for the annual Tulip Fest. The weather was hideous!
It was a miracle... As we were approaching Woodburn, I thought I saw some blue skies on the horizon. It was very difficult to see through the pouring rain. We got off the highway and continued driving in the rain, but oddly, I kept seeing a reflection on blue skies in my rear-view mirror. We arrived at the farm and parked. The rain stopped and the sky to the East was glorious, bright and clear.
We spent the next two hours jumping in mud puddles, visiting the farm's four steam tractors, taking photos and enjoying the farm.
It sure pays to persevere in the PNW!

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