Thursday, May 15

Clinton vs. Obama for a 4 Year-Old

My son and I often listen to NPR when we drive in the car. He will often ask, "what are they talking about?". I take a moment and turn off the radio to give a brief and age-appropriate description, then I turn the radio back on so we can listen together. We have talked about all sorts of topics including the upcoming presidential election.

Last week, they were talking about Hillary Clinton. I explained to my son that she is running for President and it is exciting because a woman has never been President before.

Over the past few days, my son has been calling me "mama bama". I asked him if he liked Barak Obama. He asked, "who is that?". I went on to explain that he is a man that is running for President. I asked if he wanted to vote for Barak Obama and he replied, "I want the gew-irl"!

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