Thursday, September 11

Friday Finds: Some of my favorite things that cost less than $5

I have been inspired to revamp my blog. I am pleased to introduce...

Friday Finds (under $5): Here I will share some of my favorite little pleasures that won't break the bank.
Sunday Splurges: Things that may cost a lot, but are well worth it.
Thrifty Tuesdays: My thoughts about money saving tips or ideas.

With that I must tell you about my favorite new gelato flavor for 2008. Last spring Mio Gelato introduced a new flavor, Yoggi, Italian-style yogurt gelato.
I know... you are probably thinking, "frozen yogurt... been there, done that... not interested". NO... trust me. Yogurt gelato is nothing like any frozen yogurt you had in the past. It is so creamy and rich, yet it has a delightful tart and tangy flavor. It turns out this flavor is also wildly popular in France. I enjoyed this fabulous combination of yogurt gelato with mango sorbetto when we were in Paris this summer. Fruit gelato is the perfect compliment to this flavor.

Seriouly... go and try it. It is so good. You can easily get a double scoop for well under $5. Enjoy!

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