Wednesday, August 22

When a community comes together

What a clever way to bring the community together...

A perfect summer evening in the park

With friends
Face painting
And lots of music and dancing!
Since my son was a baby we have been taking Music Together classes with Bonnie Singer This has been such a fabulous experience for our family. We were excited to have an opportunity to give back and support Bonnie and her daughter, Samara. Samara organized this fundraising musical picnic to help pay for her 8th grade trip to the East coast -- What a wonderful educational and cultural opportunity!
Samara was hoping to raise half of the cost of the trip - total cost is $3,000- so she could go.
It was inspiring to see so many families come out to support Bonnie and Samara. What a wonderful lesson and learning opportunity for a young person. I hope my son will grow up with some of the same values and responsibility. It is a wonderful gift to be able to provide your children with everything they need, but it is an even greater gift to teach them responsibility and self reliance.

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