Sunday, February 10

Getting back to normal

It was thrilling to finally see the sun this weekend!
As many of you know the past few months have been pretty sucky...
Tons of rain, cold weather, health scares, family conflicts, etc.
Things started to turn around this weekend.  We enjoyed lots of fresh air and exercise.
Tyler ran 10 miles on Saturday morning and I took a 90 minute spin class.
We went out to breakfast and went for a ride on the tram.
We took a long walk through downtown and met our friends at Grand Central Bowling.
It has probably been 10 years since I last bowled.
It was our friend Drew's birthday. We celebrated at Iorio on SE Hawthorne.
On Sunday, the warm and dry weather continued so we took a long walk to the Irvington Neighborhood to have brunch with friends. It was a delightful morning!
Tyler spent the afternoon doing more cleaning projects as we have been trying to get the smoke smell out of our house (We had a small fire last week... long story).
I did some shopping and then Henry and I had a playdate in the neighborhood.
It was a busy weekend.
It was so nice to enjoy the lovely weather.
Spring is clearly around the corner... I can't wait!

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