Saturday, July 5

Postcard From London: Wrapping Up

It is hard to believe our trip is over. We will take a taxi to Heathrow at 8 AM in the morning. This is an expensive splurge, but we can't bear the thought of lugging all our stuff (and the kid) again. The transitions are really exhausting! We are willing to pay any price to not have to haul our bags down another street or through another subway station. 
We arrived in London on Friday evening (July 4). We are staying at a great hotel in Tralfalgar Square. London is dramatically different than Paris. This is a party town... It reminds me of a Boston. Bar crowds pour into the streets and alcohol is consumed massively. It's like a big frat party. People are dressed more casually... t-shirts, shorts and jeans. The people are fatter and louder (It seems like there are a lot of Americans here). 
It feels really nice to stay at a hotel for a change. Once we got settled into our room we went across the street to a traditional English pub for dinner (Sherlock Holmes). It was wild chaos! We managed to get some beer and fish & chips. This morning we signed up for a tour program. It was probably our best opportunity to see the city in one day with a 4-year old. We also took a river cruise on the Thames and took a ride on the London Eye. Henry needed a long nap, so we spend a few hours at the hotel. We wrapped up the evening at a fun, kid-friendly restaurant called Giraffe
See you in Portland!

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Carol said...

We have really enjoyed reading your posts! Sounds like a wonderful trip. Can't wait to hear more about it. Zia says that she wants to ride a donkey with Henry in Paris.