Friday, October 10

Friday Finds under $5: GoGo Squeez

I was thrilled to find Materne GoGo Squeeze Applesauce on the go at Fred Meyer today for $3.99 (package of 4). As many of you know we were fortunate enough to spend three weeks in France this summer. While we were in Paris, Henry attended a summer camp at the Bilingual Montessori school. I had to pack him a lunch every day. Clearly he ate a lot of baguette and he also was a huge fan of this applesauce in a tube. He has asked for this product several times since we have been home and I haven't been able to find anything other than yogurt in a tube. I have never been a fan of yogurt in a tube... It is not allowed at my son's preschool and honestly it seems like it would make a terrible mess. These tubes of applesauce have a little plastic valve and cap. There is no mess.

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