Sunday, February 22

What would we do without Meghan?!

Thank God for our babysitter Meghan! Meghan and Henry enjoyed a fun morning at OMSI where they finally got to tour the USS Blueback, the U.S. Navy's last non-nuclear, fast-attack submarine. They have been trying to go for weeks, but it is usually sold out. I had a lovely walk to Sellwood to meet my friend Rachel for breakfast at Grand Central Bakery. After breakfast, Rachel and I took another 3+ mile walk. I returned home around 1 PM and headed out to run grocery errands while Meghan and Henry hung out at home.

After briefly checking out "The Red Carpet", Henry and I headed out for a special dinner at Tastebud. We played a fun game while we drank our grape-juice based drinks and then shared a cheese pizza with arugula on the side.

Henry complained that the pizza was too "burned" for his taste. I mentioned this to our server and she explained that is how they make their pizza there. Hhmm...

13 more days...

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