Monday, April 6

Spring has finally arrived!

One of the things I love best about living in Oregon is the springtime. Growing up on the East coast, I had no idea what spring really was. Winter would linger deep into April and then suddenly warm summer weather would arrive as early as May.

Once I moved to Oregon, I was astounded by the glorious layers of spring that sometimes begin as early as January with the first sunny day, after weeks of rain. By February Camillas are in bloom, followed by crocuses, daffodils, pretty pink blossoms on the pear and cherry tress. By mid-March, spring is normally fully underway. Not so this year... we have had to wait until April. Normally our first trip to Jamison Fountain occurs in March, this year the fountain wasn't even turned on until April 4!

The weather finally warmed up this weekend and now spring has exploded all around us. It is delightful and everyone is so happy! Henry was thrilled to wear shorts and a t-shirt to school today. I can't believe how grown up he looks!

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Christa said...

wow, I never realized there were all those layers to springtime! how cool :) living in LA, ya just don't see that! xoxo