Saturday, May 2

May Faire

Over the past few months I have developed a deep affection for Waldorf Education. As we searched for Kindergarten options for our son we made several visits to both The Portland Waldorf School and Cedarwood Waldorf School. I made a point to attend this year's MAY FAIRE CELEBRATION and I'm so glad I did... It was a charming and glorious afternoon filled with crafts, games, food and activities. Initially, the weather cooperated and we enjoyed warm sunshine for the first two hours. Henry loved playing with paper boats and nets in the Spring Creek. He attended a puppet-show and then we enjoyed a brief picnic before the rain returned. Of course, Portlanders - especially Waldorf(ers) - wouldn't let the rain dampen the fun. We briefly gathered in the auditorium to watch traditional folk dancing, and then we returned outside for a cake walk (We won an Amish Friendship Loaf with a starter kit), bubble wand making, garland making, and some more time at the creek. Everything was decorated so beautifully with flowers, festive flags, handmade signs and ribbons. I will mark my calendar for next year!

Our day was jam-packed... We left the house at 9 AM for a trip to the Original Pancake House for a Dutch Baby and then we headed off to the Capitol Hill Library for a special food art program. We continued on to the May Faire for several hours, and then ended our day with a brief trip to the Belmont Library to make a rain stick.

What a day!

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