Sunday, July 29

A Bagel Experiement... Who makes the best bagel in Portland?

We are always in search of the best bagel in Portland. I've been thrilled with Bowery Bagels, but I have also heard wonderful reviews of Spielman's on SE Division. This morning we decided to put the bagels to the test. We purchased 4 bagels at each location... 2 Salt, 1 Everything and 1 poppy. The prices were the same 1.50/bagel ($6 for 4). We splurged on some Gina Marie Cream Cheese at New Seasons.
The salt bagel from Spielman's had a really hard and thick crust, immediately making Bowery the clear favorite. The Everything bagels were a bit closer, but in the end Bowery won every vote and was the clear favorite. They are chewy and dense with great flavor.

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