Friday, June 20

Postcard from Burgundy I

On Tuesday we took the train from Paris to Beaune. Beaune is a charming village in the Cote d'Or wine country. Beaune is much larger than we expected (pop. 25,000). It is a propserous and popular resort town. There are tons of charming shops and restaurants, a fabulous park, wonderful stone walls and paths and ancient buildings. I really love it here! The apartment really exceeded our expectations. It is so pretty and comfortable. Henry seems very happy and is adjusting well to this new environment. Tyler and I just returned from a 2-night bike tour through the vineyards north of Beaune. We were lucky enough to find the best bike shop in Beaune. Florent (the owner) was AMAZING!!! He set us up with two great bikes, helmets, locks, bike bags, and a perfect itinerary. He also told us to go to the store, buy this specific kind of cheese, and he arranged for us to have a special wine tasting and picnic on our journey. He also arranged our lodging in a castle-like B&B where we were welcomed by a 91 year-old countess. She was delightful, with wonderful stories to share. We enjoyed our first Kir Royale (Creme de Cassis with Brut Sparkling Wine). It was a mightly tasty cocktail! Cassis (black current) is a prized product of this region. We also rode our bikes to a hilltop strawberry field where we were able to pick strawberries for our picnic. We returned to Beaune today and Meghan and her sister, Abby, set off on a 3-night trip to Nice in the South of France. Tyler and I will enjoy Beaune with Henry while they are away. It is really wonderful here (Did I mention that?). It feels much more like a vacation than Paris. Here is a link to some more photos.

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Kelly said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you posted again. We have all been thinking of you guys. Sounds like you are having an amazing time.

We looked at your photos and they just scream "Scrapbook me!". I'm just saying...

Maybe you could do something like this; Be sure to keep your 'mementos', I still think I can convince you to scrap this :)