Monday, June 23

Postcard from Burgundy IV: Multiply by Four

Yesterday we rented a car and toured around the countryside. We rode on a great little steam engine. It was the real thing... coal, water, fireman, flagger. The Thomas stories came to life!
I feel like by blog posts seem a bit biased about how wonderful this place is. I really don't want to sugar-coat our trip too much. Believe me... it is really incredible, but traveling with a 4-year old has its moments. Each of us melts down at least once a day. We move at a snails pace... for each hour, we should allow four hours. The other downside is cost. This country is EXPENSIVE. We are burning through Euros at an incredible pace. Again, for every dollar we budgeted for, we are probably spending 4! Meghan and Abby will return this afternoon from Nice and Tyler and I will set out on foot for a 3-night adventure to the south of Beaune. I'll post again in a few days.

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