Wednesday, June 13

Happiness at any cost...

I am 5 days into this new venture and things have been surprisingly easy. It might have something to do with the fact that I spent money like a maniac two weeks prior to this venture.

It is very weird to carry cash. I have never carried more than $20 cash - and that was RARE!

So far our spending is in line with our goals... I'll post some details in a few days.

The real goal of this project is to spend less without sacrificing quality of life. The point is to feel empowered, not compromised. The point is to be happier and more fulfilled, not deprived and depressed. I realized a few things that are important to me and I refuse to live without. Here is my list:

1. Shopping at New Seasons Market
I love this store. I'll just have to find a way to shop smarter, buy less, and focus on the bargains.
2. Having a manicure every three weeks
I opt for the quickie manicure (without a massage). It is $1o plus $2 tip!
3. Having my hair highlighted every 4 months and trimmed every 2 months
What can I say? I have to try and mask those pesty gray hairs. What I lack in legs I have to make up with my hair!
4. Shopping at the Farmer's Market
Okay... I have wasted a lot of money here in the past. I will stick to a 2 item and $10 budget
5. Online shopping
This makes my husband flip-out. In truth, I expect to do minimal shopping online, but there are times when you need photos, or gifts, etc. and the best prices and convenience is found online. Of course, I cannot use the credit card. I'll make special arrangements to use the debit card.
6. Eating out
Like everything else, we will need to do less of this and find smarter ways to stretch our dining dollars.

Okay... I'm sure you are thinking, she's not willing to give up shit! The proof will be in the numbers.


Manya said...

I think what you're doing is wonderful! I've been trying to get myself on a weekly budget for a long time but I never pull it together. Maybe you'll be my inspiration. Keep the posts coming!

Sally said...

There are two keys to making this work, I think: 1) don't become humorless in your frugality, and 2) don't lose friends because your new ways make a condition of your friendship that to socialize with you it can only be an occasion that costs $2. I'm on board with what you're doing but wish I could do the same in NYC - impossible. If you forget to bring the Poland Spring water bottle you wash and recycle every day, you have to go to the deli to buy a new one for the day - there goes $2 right there. Keep the entries up. We have a lot to learn from your experiment. (Love the blogroll, by the way ;-)