Sunday, July 8

A Day of Baking
(First come first serve offer...)
Last week my son and I fell in love with the Pecan Sandies at New Seasons. At $1.50 per cookie, I realized this could become an expensive treat. This morning we attempted to make our own version. They are luscious... pure butter, flour and toasted pecans. I think we have a new favorite summer cookie.

I spent the afternoon at the Bakery Bar taking Shuna Fish Lydon's Pie Pastry Class ( It was so much fun to learn the secrets to making pie crust. I have always been terrified of making pie crust so this class was perfect for me. (note: I signed up for this class is April and paid for it before the new budget plan was implemented)

I was a bit disappointed to leave this class with only a pie shell... I thought we would actually get to make a pie. The shell is resting peacefully in the freezer. I'll have to dream up the perfect filling... I'm thinking peach-raspberry. Let me know if you want to invite us over for dinner. We will bring dessert... You can request the filling of your choice ;-) (first come... this offer will go fast!).

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