Friday, July 6

More Summer Pleasures!

It was an ambitious day... We started out at Sauvie Island
The raspberries were glorious!
We picked a little over 3 pounds to make a batch of jam. Here is the picture of my prized berries just moments before my son got an uncontrollable urge to stomp of the berries with his muddy sandal. I nearly died... Why would he do that!?! I was so angry... He apologized three times and I continued to rant and lecture him for the next thirty minutes about how precious and fragile berries are... I managed to pick more berries during my ranting and he had to sit out the rest of the visit in the wagon.
With our $1 off coupon, the berries were only $3.90. Unfortunately the canning jars were $8.50!! We made 9 small jars. It works out to about $1.50 per jar, but you can't buy jam this good.
After Sauvie Island, we went to the library for the preschool storytime in NW. The youth librarian, Susan, does such a fantastic job... It was an entertaining 45 minutes and then it was home for a nap.
We spent the afternoon riding bikes in Sellwood Park with our good friends. It was a pretty inexpensive day... I'm left with $17 for tomorrow.
We love summer!

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Kelly said...

I love the pic of the boys. It looks like they are racing! Too cute...

Your jam looks delicious. That was an ambitious day!