Monday, July 30

San Miguel de Allende (I'm going there!!!)

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this lovely vacation home in Mexico ( ) I was researching Rafael Lopez, the illustrator, for the book we will feature for the 2008 Every Family Reads project ( I playfully e-mailed my colleagues and suggested we should rent this vacation house. Surprisingly everyone expressed genuine interest. We tossed around dates for a few weeks and finally settled on December 1-8. Five of us will go together - It is exciting as we are newer friends and don't socialize with each other outside work. I think we all share the same goals and expectations for the trip... A fun getaway, good food, tasty cocktails, a lovely environment and a fun city to explore. We are even planning to take a cooking class!
I am so thrilled to finally get away for a girl's weekend and some "me" time. My husband has been able to get away for several "boys" weekends over the past few years and I have been eagerly waiting for the right opportunity. Truth is I have no idea where I'm going... It is a long 5-hour (nonstop) flight to Mexico City and then a 4-hour bus trip to San Miguel. I'll need to research a bit in the coming months.
You may think this does not tie in with our budget goals and you are wise to think so. Surprisingly the trip is somewhat reasonable... $430 RT airfare, $162 for a week of lodging, and miscellaneous spending money!
As I posted a while back, we were looking into reward and incentive ideas to help us stick to our weekly budget goal ($500/week). My husband gets a modest bonus two times a year... Instead of sticking this bonus into savings - We decided use bonus money for something special. In this case it will fund my trip to Mexico and his trip to Ann Arbor for the Oregon Michigan game.
Tomorrow we will close out our first complete month of "the project". I will tally up some numbers and let you know how we are doing. August is a pretty expensive month... We have three birthdays, two weddings, a weekend trip to Missoula, and I need to have my hair cut and highlighted ($$$).

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