Wednesday, November 7

THE BED: Part III (The final chapter - I hope!)

Are you as bored with this story as I am?
I am so tired of thinking about this bed and losing hours of sleep every night.
I'm going to cut to the chase because I'm ready to move on (I'm sure you are too).
So after two months of Henry sleeping great in the bed (potty trained, in underwear and waking up DRY!), he has started to wet the bed. It started slow... one time, then again a few weeks later, and now it has been almost EVERY NIGHT for the past month. I'm DONE!!!
Here is my post to urban I'm buying diapers today!! No more wet sheets, no more wet pajamas, no more wet mattress pads, and no more wet comforters! I'll buy him a special toy and make sure he feels great about this choice.
So that is it. We will keep the bed (for now).
Hopefully we will all get more sleep!

Henry - Six days old

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