Thursday, March 27

A Jersey Girl's Dream!

Yes... It is official. I am going to see BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN tomorrow night!!!
I remember when the state of NJ considering making BORN TO RUN the official state song. I remember getting my first Springsteen Album in 1980. I was 13 years old. I really wanted THE RIVER, but it was sold out and hard to come by, so I got BORN TO RUN instead.
In 1984 all hell broke loose with the release of BORN IN THE USA and my chances of seeing Springsteen in concert became impossible.
I've been waiting patiently... finally 28 years later my Bruce dream will be fulfilled.


Anonymous said...

wow, congrats!! Have an awesome time! sn

Joy of Cooking said...

hey Kecia,

I'm glad you logged on to me! here I am... I hope you have a great time at the concert!! And, please tell Tyler happy b-day for me. And, I love your little Henry. So cute-an exact combo of the two of you! My friend is in portland right now from Nashville. where should I tell her to go eat tonight?
anyway-the cooking has been off the hooklately I know. But I ride my bike a lot and try to stay active, that's all. Always the same 5 lbs, you know.