Wednesday, December 19

Live Life to the Fullest

I have always liked the expression, "Live Life to the Fullest." I have pretty much incorporated it as my personal mantra. 

Yesterday, I received a very frightening phone call for the radiology department at OHSU. My routine 40-year old mammogram has some irregularities and I will need to go in for further evaluation. Sure... it is probably nothing, but you can't help but to think, 'Shit... is this it? Is this what it comes down to?  Is this when your luck changes and have to enter a much more difficult chapter of your life?"  You never know when your life is going to change. 
Take time to be grateful.  Take time to enjoy  the things that are good in your life.
If your life is not so good, know that life changes quickly - often for the better.
If your life is charmed, don't take it for granted.

As for me, I'll be fine (hopefully).  I'll go back next week for further testing and hopefully I will get more time to be grateful and live life to the fullest!

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Anonymous said...

shit, kecia, that's scary. i'm sure everything will be fine...better safe than sorry, right? see you tonight, we'll drink toast to life! sarah