Wednesday, December 5

San Miguel de Allende - Day 4

The weather has been perfect. It is sunny and pleasant.
The house is quite lovely and comfortable.
My travel companions are easy-going.
We have all remained healthy.
We have been walking all over and exploring this interesting town.
The town is odd because there are so many American expats and so few Mexicans.
Yesterday, we took a fabulous cooking class. Our instructor, Paco, led us on a tour of the market. We tasted all sorts of interesting things. Later we returned to the beautiful cooking school and Paco prepared a delicious lunch. Tomorrow we have scheduled manicures and pedicures. It would be a perfect vacation if I didn´t miss my family so much.
Click here to see the photos that I uploaded today.


Anonymous said...

yea! looks fun! thanks for posting the pics. you guys are missing some awful weather here...enjoy the sun! sarah

Rachel said...

Beautiful photos, really get the flavor for San Miguel -- love all of the colors, such a contrast to here! You should be a food photographer. In The Week, the featured hotel is The Oasis in San Miguel de Allende -- have you been there yet? Can't wait to see you soon.

Donna said...

Lovely pix, and I'm happy you are enjoying "my" town.

but I'm confused about your comment that there are "so few Mexicans" and worry that you might give people the wrong idea.

San Miguel is about 12-15% foreigners, less so in the off-season (now). That means that even at the busiest tourist time of year, it is still at least 85% Mexican. It is quite simple to walk down any street a few blocks from the Jardin and see virtually no Americans/Canadians at all. But there will certainly be Mexicans everywhere you look.

That is a large part of what makes San Miguel so charming--it's people, all of them.

For another look at San Miguel, your readers might like to check out this site: