Sunday, December 2

San Miguel De Allende - Day 1

I made it...
Out trip had a bittersweet start when our fifth travel companion was unable to join us on the trip (We miss you Sarah!). The flight from Portland to Mexico City was very smooth and went by surprising fast. It started to drag out when we had to wait for nearly an hour to get through customs and get our luggage. After that we still had a four hour drive to San Miguel. I left my house in Portland at 5:30 AM and we didn´t arrive here until 7:15 PM - just under 12 hours of travel!
The town is beautiful. San Miguel is a very old colonial style town with cobble stone streets and spanish colonial houses. Our house is nestled into the side of a hill above the town centro. The town is very reminenscent of the towns in Spain.
Everyone is super friendly and helpful. Almost everyone speaks English so the language barrier has not been a challenge. The food has been much better than I expected. The prices seem relatively inexpensive, yet we were told, this is the second most expensive destination in Mexico (after Cancun). Last night I had an awesome dinner of fajitas (combo of beef, chicken and shrimp) and the yummiest margarita for $12.50 with tip. Not too bad!
Today we visited the Biblioteca Publica, a wonderful volunteer run library. We toured two San Miguel homes. One was pretty outragous!
Tonight we may go out to listen to jazz and eat handmade pizzas, not very Mexican, but I can´t resist pizza .-)
I will try to post photos tomorrow.
(Yes... of course I am a little homesick and I miss my family terribly. This is quite an adventure.)


Anonymous said...

i miss you guys, too!!! keep the posts and pics coming! sarah

Kelly said...

Glad to hear you made it safe and sound. You picked a great week to be out of town, the weather is stormy here.

Can't wait to hear more about your adventure.