Sunday, December 23

Oh the weather outside is frightful!!

With the exception of last year's January snow storm, Our son has never played in the snow. Many of our friends take their kids to Mount Hood for sledding and snow fun.  This morning we learned that our friends were going up to Mount Hood for a snow outing and we spontaneously decided to join them.  We quickly ate some breakfast and packed up our gear. We left the house at 9:30 and started our 2 hour journey to the mountain.  It was raining lightly when we left. I had quickly glanced at the weather for Timberline and it said overcast and 29 degrees.  We thought perfect.  We will try it.
As we drove, the rain increased.  It was pouring!  We continued to drive and eagerly anticipated reaching the snow line.  Unfortunately, the snow never started.  It was 38 degrees at Timberline.  It was pouring and the wind was unbelievable!! 
We barely made it from the parking lot to the lodge.  The wind was so intense.  We met up with our friends briefly, but didn't dare to venture outside. Here is Henry racing to the car.
It was a long day of driving.  Our son didn't nap.  It was not the day we had hoped for, but I am sure we will try it again!

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Kelly said...

I see sledding in Henry's future! His buddy would love to have him join him, anytime.