Saturday, December 29

"Open Surgical Biopsy"

"Open Surgical Biopsy" was not the answer I was hoping for.
I wanted to hear something like, "It is nothing... you are fine... go home and take good care of yourself."
I would have even settled for, "We need to do a needle biopsy, just to be safe."
But no... I was told "open surgical biopsy."

As you may recall, I recently had a routine 40 year-old mammogram.  The radiologist was concerned about an area of irregular tissue patterns in my left breast.  I was asked to come back for further evaluation.  Sure enough further imaging confirmed her suspicions. I seem to have a (non-tumor) radial scar or lesion on the medial part of my left breast. 

The good news is that these things are often benign, but the bad news is the recommendion to remove the entire area.
Removed with surgery.
Removed with a large incision.
If you have not noticed, I have small breasts. 
I'm concerned that this surgery will permanently scar and alter my breast.
Of course there is also that lingering detail... what if it is cancer?

Clearly, I will need to learn a lot more over the next few weeks. 
I'm remaining hopeful that we can get a second opinion and find a less invasive procedure.

I'm trying to stay brave and put on a happy face for my husband and son.
Inside I am feeling very scared and alone.  I know that there is no point worrying until I have something to worry about, but how can you help but to worry?


Kelly said...

That was not the answer I was hoping for either! Please let me know if there is anything I can do. I sure hope your hubby is mixing you up one of his famous cocktails :)

Anonymous said...

oh kecia, that's no good. i'm very sorry. but hopefully they can just remove it and it will be fine. i think they can do really amazing nearly scar-free surgery these days. when's the surgery scheduled? let me know if i can do anything!! hugs! sarah n

Max said...

I'm sorry to hear about that. My close friend and college roommate, who is 41, just had a lumpectomy after her annual mammogram. She's also a doctor and lives in Atlanta, GA. If you would like to talk w/ her, I can give you her cell phone number. Let me know. Stay positive (as my dad likes to say..he's 88 and still going strong.) Max