Thursday, January 10

I'm a very lucky girl!

It is confirmed.
My pathology report found no cancer.
You can't imagine how relieved we are.  You can't imagine how scared we were.
I still have to jump through a few hoops before I can close this chapter (entitled, "The scariest month of my life").
I will meet with a surgeon at the OHSU breast cancer clinic next week to discuss and schedule an excisional biopsy.
A radial scar is considered a high risk lesion and it is strongly recommended that I have the entire area removed.
The area is the size of a walnut - about 2 cm round.
I'm nervous about scars, breast distortion and recovery.
There is also a slight chance that some cancer can be found when the entire lesion is sent to pathology.
The radiologist felt confident that she was able to obtain good samples, and seemed to indicate that everything should be fine.
It has been a very emotional and draining few weeks. Thank you again for your love and support. It really meant a lot to me.
I am a very lucky girl!


outside said...

Wa-hoo! This is definitely reason to CELEBRATE!! You pick the place! sarah n

shani said...

i am so very happy to hear that! have a lovely weekend knowing that you are a lucky, healthy woman! love, sf

Elizabeth said...

I had been meaning to look at your blog for months, and when I finally do, I learn that you have just had quite a month of scary and emotional upheaval. All of that waiting and wondering. I cannot imagine. I am so glad everything turned out fine. Thank goodness!
I love your sweet valentine glass pieces!
Let's get together soon. I was going to ask you to stop by for a visit this Friday, but Angus and I are quite possibly going to try out a little preschool every Friday morning. Let's figure something out though. Take care!