Monday, January 28

Wishing for snow!

We were so close...
We had it and we let it go!
We spent the weekend in Eugene. We woke up Sunday morning to a glorious snow storm. Unfortunately we were not prepared for snow. We decided to hurry home so we can go sledding and build a snowman. When we left Eugene there were about 4 inches of snow on the ground and it was dumping snow. The drive home was treacherous until 18 miles south of Salem. Suddenly the snow disappeared. We arrived in Portland and there was no trace of snow.
We went to bed last night wishing and hoping.
I woke up around 12:30 AM and was very happy to see snow quietly falling. The street, roofs and cars had just a light dusting. "Oh goody", I thought. If this keeps up we will certainly have a snow day.
Sadly, it didn't keep up... We ended up with only a dusting and a delayed opening.
We want to play in the snow!

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manya said...

The best way to play in the snow?

Move to Nebraska! :-)